Third Party Quality Assurance for Maintenance Projects

Upgrade your redecoration project to a “five star” rating with Third Party Quality Assurance. In addition to the hands-on quality assurance site inspections, we are able to offer a full Third Party Quality Assurance Certification, together with the Manufacturer’s Guarantees, for water-proofing and painting projects.

  • Start-up meetings.
  • Regular on-site quality assurance inspections during project.
  • Evaluating of substrates and application for compliance with specifications.
  • Progress reports.
  • Manufacturer’s involvement and evaluation of applied systems.
  • Managing of variation orders or specific requirements.
  • Third Party Certifying on completion of project.
  • Close-out documentation with Certificates, Guarantees, Maintenance schedules and preventative maintenance requirements.

Our Quality Assurance services are designed to deliver value add to the projects, and to deliver authentic and long-term peace of mind.

“The best guarantee available is ensuring that the job is completed correctly in the first place” – Frederik Nel