Turn Key Maintenance Systems for Sectional Title Schemes

Turn Key Maintenance Systems was created as a division of Curasure, to provide specialist maintenance consulting services for the Sectional Title Market. Managing Agents and Bodies Corporate often lack the knowledge and expertise as to when and how the common property should be redecorated and maintained.

Curasure with our extensive knowledge of the specialized building, waterproofing and paint industry is able to assist and advise prior to, during the redecoration project, as well as for the continued maintenance of a complex. We act in the best interest of the building owner at all times. This belts and braces system ensures that the Bodies Corporate or building owners take informed decisions when it comes to maintenance, redecoration projects and maintenance schedules.

This approach has revolutionized the way maintenance is managed in the Sectional Title Market.

Brief outline of system

  • List current emergency or outstanding items.
  • Review current Budget allocations for Maintenance.
  • Complete a Maintenance audit and list all items in priority rating.
  • Ascertain budget requirements for required maintenance.
  • Compile detailed scope of work and specifications for proposed repairs.
  • Run tender process for required items.
  • Evaluate tenders and appoint contracts.
  • Complete a detailed maintenance program in priority format, including time frames and budget allocations. (Program should be drawn up to include all items and could run over several years)
  • Negotiate Manufacturer’s backed guarantees and contractor’s guarantees.
  • Quality Assure ongoing major projects.
  • Certification of Draw requests by contractors during projects.
  • Schedule areas treated during maintenance for ongoing and future maintenance.
  • If required call Manufacturer’s and contractor back to site and repair failed workmanship or product.
  • Ongoing and long-term Maintenance forecasts.
  • Review maintenance strategy, items and budgets at least twice a year.
  • Evaluate on yearly basis.

This service provides an on-going 5 year contract, providing the client with quality and professional service at all times. A detailed financial maintenance program is provided to ensure the building is consistently maintained.